About ME

Hello, I’m Carling, short for Carl Frederik, and I am a Graphic Designer.

I’m a Norwegian who just graduated the University of Portsmouth with a first class honours degree in graphic Design. There I was able to explore traditional and digital design processes through the use of letterpress, screenprint, metal works, lasercutter, 3D printing and so much more. This has allowed me to further develop my conceptual ideas and understanding of traditional graphic design.

As well as developing my skills on a variety of software and using the Adobe Creative Suite on a daily basis, I also pride myself on fundamental design knowledge and strong conceptual understanding. I am constantly striving to increase my proficiency in all areas of design, and enjoy learning new methods and techniques.

I currently work as a graphic designer at University of Reading.

If you're interested in having a chat, or have
any questions you can contact me here:

email: carling_wigernes@hotmail.com
tlf: 07754258371